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Январь 30, 2019

Porto Alegre Metro modernizes its communications system with TETRA network provided by Teltronic

Porto Alegre Metro

Porto Alegre Metro modernizes its communications system with TETRA network provided by Teltronic

  • The company will install a TETRA system that allow the transmission of voice and data services, increasing security and reliability levels
  • The deployment comprises of six base stations, 80 onboard radios and Integrated Command & Control solution CeCoTrans


Teltronic, a subsidiary of Hytera Communications Corporation Limited, has signed contract with TRENSURB, the Urban Trains Company of Porto Alegre, to provide latest TETRA communications system to the metro of the capital city of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The TETRA communications system will be provided and deployed by Teltronic Brazil. The system is based on the Teltronic Nebula System, composed of one main controller and one redundant, six base stations, eighty train borne radios, and a CeCoCo integrated command and control solution.

The new system will modernize voice and data communication along the metro lines, replacing the legacy analogue system. It fully meets the requirements of ANATEL, Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, and more functionalities are made available, such as GPS positioning, transmission of data messages, and secure and efficient communication.

«Users of the new system will benefit from higher quality calls, new functionality of both voice and data on a single system, improved security for all calls, GPS location with everything being constantly monitored, recorded and updated,» said general director of Teltronic Brazil, Paulo Ferrão.

The Urban Trains Company of Porto Alegre S / A — TRENSURB is linked to the Ministry of Regional Development. It operates in the segment of urban and metropolitan passenger transport with a line of Urban Trains with extension of 43.8 kilometers, in the north axis of the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, with 22 stations and a fleet of 40 trains. It also operates the first line of the Automated People Mover (APM) technology, in commercial operation, connecting Trensurb Airport Station (integrated with the train) to Terminal 1 of Salgado Filho International Airport (Salgado Filho Station).

About Teltronic

For over 40 years, Teltronic, a subsidiary of Hytera Communications Corporation Limited, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of mission-critical radio communications. With the combined objectives of innovation and the highest quality, Teltronic provides complete wireless communications solutions for a variety of sectors including public safety, public transport, oil & gas, utilities, mining, industry, and others. Its products are marketed around the world, with more than 400 systems in operation in 50 countries.

About Hytera

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a closely-held privately-run company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and a leading global provider of innovative Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications solutions that improve organizational efficiency and make the world safer. Established in 1993 in Shenzhen, China, Hytera is the world’s second-largest and fastest growing PMR solution provider, and the world’s #1 DMR Tier III Trunking provider. Hytera has around 8,000 personnel serving customers in 120 countries and regions, including governmental organizations, public security institutions, and customers in utilities, transportation, oil & gas and other sectors. Around 40% of Hytera’s personnel are engaged in engineering, research and development, and product design.  Sepura plc and Teltronic S.A.U. became part of Hytera Communications at the end of May 2017.

Miguel Simón