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Январь 30, 2019

Liebherr is Founding New Company in China

Liebherr is Founding New Company in China

Liebherr is Founding New Company in China

January 2019 – Liebherr is in the process of founding a new company in China. Liebherr-Transportation Systems (China) Co., Ltd. will develop, produce and service  components and systems for Liebherr’s transportation business in China.

As one of the major on-board system suppliers for railway vehicles Liebherr has set up an additional company in the City of Pinghu, Province of Zhejiang (China) with the goal to grow its local ability to develop, test and manufacture state-of-the-art railway equipment in China, for China. Papers were signed on January 29th, 2019 in Pinghu by officials of the Pinghu Municipal Government and the National Level Pinghu Economic & Technological Development Zone (PEDZ) as well as by Liebherr representatives.

Liebherr-Transportation Systems (China) Co., Ltd. will bring to the market the most advanced technologies in its fields of business, like for example the environmentally friendly air cycle technology for air conditioning or the electro-hydraulic actuation technology for active lateral suspension or the high performance cooling technology for next generation on-board electronics. The company will also enable its customers and partners to offer comfortable and reliable public transportation means.

With the foundation of the new company, Liebherr aims to participate in and strengthen the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. Liebherr-Transportation Systems (China) will provide one of the most eco-friendly technologies to improve the living condition of tomorrow’s generations.

Reliable products of highest quality

During the ceremony, Josef Gropper, Managing Director and COO, Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS stated: “One of our main fundamentals for our business is to be there where our market is. The Chinese market is the largest railway transportation market in the world and we reinforce our long-term commitment to China today by this investment. To develop and produce innovative, very reliable products of highest quality has always and will always be our mission.”

The facility in Pinghu with a planned production area covering approximately 8,000 sqm will be a very important base for Liebherr’s further growth in Asia and also for the export of products developed and manufactured in China for the international railway market.  

Liebherr will provide products out of Pinghu in line with the highest standards and requirements of its local and international customers. Josef Gropper: “This was only possible in a good, trustful collaboration with local partners and authorities. From our first visit to Pinghu and during our negotiations of the contracts with the Pinghu Economical and Technological Development Zone we always felt warmly welcomed and have gained trust through this fruitful and goal oriented negotiation process. We are looking forward to be part of the Sino-German development and production cluster and to contribute to the further development of China and the Pinghu Economical and Technological Development Zone.”

Shen Bingxing, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Administration Committee of PEDZ, commented: “The Liebherr Group is a diversified, well-known multinational group that entered China in 1978. It is not only one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction machinery, but also an excellent supplier of products in many other fields. The settlement of Liebherr-Transportation Systems’ China project will further expand and enrich our advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and it will also add new impetus to the further development of our Industrial Park.”

Liebherr: a reliable partner in China

The Liebherr Group has been present in China for already 40 years, in the aerospace branch for 15 years and in the railway transportation sector for more than 10 years.

Already in 2004 Liebherr decided to provide local support to the Chinese aviation industry for their development of the ARJ21 and C919 aircraft and two years later, the company started to supply technology to the Chinese railway industry by a dedicated Joint Venture with a Chinese partner.

Since 2006, the Joint Venture has successfully equipped heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for up to 5,000 railway cars. Following Liebherr’s dedicated long-term strategy in China, Liebherr is now planning to establish a fully Liebherr owned facility as development and production center for transportation business in the country.

Learn more about Liebherr’s activities in China:

Liebherr-Transportation Systems – Renowned Manufacturer of Railway Technology

Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS in Toulouse (France) is one of eleven divisional control companies in the Liebherr Group and coordinates all activities in the fields of transportation and aviation equipment. It employs around 5,400 people worldwide.

Liebherr’s transportation systems division supplies cab and saloon heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, thermal management systems for diverse, mobile and stationary e-mobility applications, hydraulic actuation systems, dampers and hydraulic load levelling equipment for rail vehicles of all kinds. Liebherr has many years of experience in the development, manufacture, and field service of these technologies, offering support throughout the entire product lifecycle.  The company invests continuously in its R&D activities in order to offer its customers new generations of diverse transportation systems solutions.

Liebherr-Transportation Systems has three production plants in Korneuburg (Austria), Marica (Bulgaria) and Zhuji (China). In addition to its own sales and service centers, the division has access to the Liebherr Group’s extensive and unique technologies as well as development and service facilities around the world. This global set-up means that Liebherr-Transportation Systems is there for its customers wherever they may be.

Foto: Shen Bingxing, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Administration Committee of PEDZ (5th from right), Josef Gropper, Managing Director and COO, Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS (6th from right) and representatives of PEDZ, Pinghu City and Liebherr at the signature ceremony — © Liebherr

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