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Август 15, 2018

Ukraine Will Present AgTech Startups That Help Business Grow


Ukraine Will Present AgTech Startups That Help Business Grow

Innovation panel will be held during GRAIN UKRAINE 2018 international conference

Over the past five years investments in AgTech startups in the world have increased almost threefold and in 2017 exceeded $10 billion per year*. The development of new agrarian projects is a response to the constant growth of the planet’s population, the threat of exhaustible resources and climate change. Despite the fact that more than 70% of Ukrainian agricultural products are traded on world exchanges, only a tenth part of Ukrainian agri companies have already begun to implement innovations**. One of the main reasons is the low awareness and interaction between the emerging startups and the existing agribusiness. At the same time, the introduction of innovations can help agrarians solve problems in land management, planning, production control, procurement and logistics. Such conditions make our country an excellent platform for the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

The prospects of Ukraine’s transition from agrarian to AgTech-country will be discussed on September 7-8 in Odessa at the international grain conference GRAIN UKRAINE. The partner of the innovative block of the conference is Agrohub — a platform for introducing innovations in the agricultural sector.

As noted by Kyrylo Kryvolap, partner of Agrohub and associate partner of Civitta, there are several ways of introducing innovations in the agrarian sphere. This process can be done quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost if the company uses ready-made solutions (this is suitable for the so-called “late adopters”). Another way is to invest in startups or to develop innovations within the company. «At our innovative panel on GRAIN UKRAINE we will gather the audience interested in innovation: startups who independently develop technological solutions in the agrarian sphere, those who work for the needs of agri companies, as well as potential customers — producers and agri traders. We will discuss in detail case studies of the risks and benefits of implementing technological solutions,» says Kyrylo Kryvolap.

*AgFunder Agrifood Tech Funding Report: Year Review 2017

Agrohub together with Radar Tech and MHP launched the first Ukrainian agrarian accelerator in 2017 and examined 186 applications from startups. Some successful solutions for the grain market will be presented at GRAIN UKRAINE as part of the pitching session for traders and logistics companies.

Dmitry Titarenko, the founder of Agroportex.Bio and one of the participants of the pitching session at Agrohub Innovation Panel, tells about the benefits of the new B2B platform for agri producers of organic products Agroportex.Bio. «Our platform is an important source of liquid information about the availability and prices of organic products. In 2018, we planned to cover 15% of operators of the organic market, and this is about 70 users, but in two weeks of work we received more than 150 registration requests. Such categories as cereals, leguminous crops, including products of their processing, are already presented on our platform,» says Dmitry Titarenko.

Dmitry Mikhalchuk, founder of Graintrack, will present one more technological solution at the conference — the CTRM-program for managing grain trading. Usually grain traders fix their operations in Excel, which slows down their work, leads to risks of errors and financial losses. «Graintrack automates these processes, and the grain trader can manage his trading positions and operations more efficiently. This program is already used by companies from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates,» says Mr. Mikhalchuk.

The III international grain conference GRAIN UKRAINE will be held on September 7-8 in Odessa, Ukraine. More than 400 representatives of the agrarian community will come to discuss the main challenges for the grain market and find the ways to solve existing problems. Companies from 10 countries will take part in GRAIN UKRAINE.

Registration to the event on the website or by mail



September 7-8

Odessa, ‘Sady Pobedy’ Conference Hall

Phone: +38 067 975 94 33

**According to InVenture.