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Июль 30, 2019

Reconstruction of the operating metro stations

Reconstruction of the operating metro stations

Reconstruction of the operating metro stations

RWA is a European company with the unique experience in the reconstruction of the operating metro stations. Well-established technologies of installation and commissioning works allow to do the maintenance not affecting the operation mode of the subway. We have implemented several unique projects in Kharkiv Metro. Subway includes three operating lines with a total length of 38,45 km. It has 30 stations with three underground transfer hubs in the city center.

✅ Microprocessor interlocking system: «Oleksiivska» station (total of switches – 3). Project design, software, equipment supply, installation and commissioning works, maintenance.

✅ Microprocessor interlocking system and automatic station control system: «Kholodna Hora» station (total of switches – 6). Project design, installation and commissioning works. «Prospekt Gagarina» station (total of switches – 3. Project desing

✅ Major renovation of signaling and traffic control system equipment: Track section from «Pivdennyi Vokzal» station to «Maidan Kontsytutsii» station. Section length – 1,921 km. Project design. Track section from «Sportyvna» station to «Zavod imeni Malysheva» station. Section length – 2,273 km. Project design.

✅ Automatic station control system «Pivdennyi Vokzal» station.

The following basic component systems have been designed and are batch produced according to specifications:

• Dispatcher and centralised traffic control;

• Relay-processor interlocking;

• Microprocessor-based interlocking;

• Microprocessor-based automatic hump switching system;

• Microprocessor-based automatic block signalling;

• Microprocessor-based semiautomatic block signalling;

• Microprocessor-based automatic level crossing signalling system;

• Locomotives monitoring systems;

• Microprocessor-based axle count system;

• Systems for electric power supply of railway facilities

All RWA systems are adapted to current railway maintenance regulations. Our systems use exclusively standard protocols and interfaces, and batch production equipment. 

36 Nauki Avenue, Kharkiv, 61166, Ukraine
T. / fax. +38 (057) 719 -62-45, 724 -10 -27
Contact person Pilipenko Andriy Mykolayovych