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Февраль 12, 2018

InnoTrans 2018 Production, repairing and upgrading of the rolling stock electrical machines for railway industry and manufacturing

Production, repairing and upgrading of the rolling stock electrical machines for railway industry and manufacturing

PAO, NPP “Smelyanskiy elektromehanicheskiy zavod” (SEMZ) SMELA ELECTROMECHANICAL PLANT is one of the biggest enterprises in the field of production, repairs and upgrading of rail rolling equipment, high-capacity vehicles, civil electric transport, port facilities, lifting facilities for industrial applications. InnoTrans

The Enterprise is also specified in production of spare parts needed for the repair of all electric machines listed above. InnoTrans

We produce, repair, design and upgrade

Railway industry
• electrical machines for the railway rolling stock;
• traction engines and generators;
• supporting machines.

Mining industry
• electrical drive machines for mine crushers, conveyors, pumps;
• wire saws;
• rock-drilling rigs;
• engines, generators and supporting machines of the excavators.

City transportation
• traction motors of trolley buses, trams, subway

• electrical drive machines of the conveyors, rolling mills, pumps;
• deaerators.

Innovative technological developments:
• upgrading the wheel-motor sets of antifriction traction motor support bearings;
• enhancing the capacity of traction motors by major overhaul;
• traction reactant inductor generators and engines for railway industry;
• energy recovery for railway industry.

Competitive advantages:
1. Flexibility in responding to the changes in global markets.
2. Low cost compared to many competitors in the world market
3. Reliable and verified vendors of component materials.
4. Experienced and qualified personnel.
5. Convenient geographical location in the center of Ukraine.

Robust research and manufacturing base including a full cycle of creating the electrical machines, from design stage to mass production.

To achieve best results the manufacturing uses numerous technologies, modern equipment and diagnostic instruments:
• manufacturing parts of various configuration on laser stations;
• casting parts of non-ferrous metals by centrifugal method, and also on injection molding machines;
• application of modern high-performance metal-working equipment;
• testing of traction engines by loading-back method;
• ultrasonic test of the shaft;
• magnetic test of the shaft;
• removal of the armature winding by centrifugal method;
• gas-pressure welding of the electrical machine shafts;
• dynamic molding of the commutator;
• connection of the armature winding with the commutator by the method of welding with a non-consumable electrode in an inert gas environment;
• vacuum-pressure impregnation of the armature;
• dynamic balancing of the traction engine in a computer controlled process;
• semi-automatic coil edge strip taping;
• checking coils for coil-winding short circuit;
• vibration test rig for testing traction engines by increased vibration;
• determining specific losses in armature bars;
• measuring axle spacing, physical alignment control of nozzle flanges of traction engines during bench-work and assembly.

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InnoTrans 2018 — Буклет Смелянский электромеханический завод СЭМЗ

InnoTrans 2018 — Буклет Смілянський електромеханічний завод СЕМЗ


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