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Февраль 28, 2017

JSC “LOCOMOTIVE BUILDER” – is a company of a machine construction profile, which performs designing and manufacturing of railroad transportation, spare parts and their accessories. Electric locomotive.


JSC “LOCOMOTIVE BUILDER” – is a company of a machine construction profile, which performs designing and manufacturing of railroad transportation, spare parts and their accessories.  Electric locomotive

JSC “LOCOMOTIVE BUILDER” – is one of the main, producing electric and industrial locomotives of direct current on the territory of former USSR. Electric locomotive

The plant was founded in 1939, as a railway carriage-building plant. Since 1957, the plant is completely focused on producing mainline electric locomotives. On December 30th, 1957 the plant produced its first mainline electric locomotive of a direct current Н8-201. JSC “LOCOMOTIVE BUILDER” – is a company of a machine construction profile, which performs designing and manufacturing of railroad transportation, spare parts and their accessories.


The structure of the company includes 15 main workshops, Special Construction Bureau (SCB), Special Technological Bureau (STB), Controlling-testing station, test site, laboratories and testing stands, which ensures fulfillment of a complete production cycle.

At present, the plant has produced more than 4500 mainline electric locomotives of a direct current, more than 430 industrial coke-quenching electric locomotives, hundreds of thousand spare parts and accessories of various nomenclatures.

One of the latest products of JSC “LOCOMOTIVE BUILDER” is a mainline electric locomotive of direct current from series ВЛ11М/6. The locomotive is equipped with modern static transducers of Czech production, electric control system, fire extinguishing system, machinist’s ergonomic cabin. Locomotive ВЛ11М/6 is distinguished with high reliability in exploitation and maintainability. Electric locomotives of series ВЛ11М/6 are successfully exploited on rail roads of Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

Modification of mainline electric locomotive ВЛ11М/6 is an electric locomotive 8E1. While designing this locomotive, latest technical solutions of contemporary electric locomotive construction were used. The electric locomotive is equipped with 8 traction motors (volume of each – 820 kWt) o the collector type ТЛ-6R, in which instead of motor-axial bearings, rolling bearings are used. Transmission of the traction force and breaking from the cart to the body is performed by inclined tractions. Second stage of the springing is realized with “FlexiCoil’ springs. For pneumatic system is used screw compressor with asynchronous driving gear. For cooling system of electric locomotive is also used asynchronous driving gear. Electric locomotive is controlled with electric controller. Control systems and diagnostics are microprocessor-based. Electric locomotive is equipped with alarm and firefighting systems. For on-board power supply and excitation coils for supplying electric traction electric motors, static converters are used. Electric locomotive is equipped with ecologically clean sanitary-technical module.

Coke-quenching electric locomotives ЭК15, ЭК14У, ЭК14 and ЭК13, produced by JSC “LOCOMOTIVE BUILDER”, are successfully exploited on coke-quenching batteries and in steel mills of the neighboring and distant foreign countries, and surpass al the famous, foreign produced similar electric locomotives in accordance with the price-quality. These locomotives are produced with the consideration of climate zones, rut standards and technical conditions.

Coke-quenching electric locomotives

The plant has developed and implemented a program of modernization of mainline electric locomotives of  ВЛ10 and ВЛ11 series, which considers mounting auxiliary engines, control panels, microprocessor technology and statistical  converters of new generation.

At present, in the scope of joint project with company SKODA ELECTRIC a.s, development of design documents are over on eight-axle mainline electric locomotive 8Е1А with asynchronous traction engines, which is intended for freight trains with electric load of 3000v with 1520 mm of ruts width. Electric locomotive has high traction volume and constructional speed of 120 km/hr.


In the development process of 8Е1А specialists were guided by the following principles:

  • contemporary salvation in locomotive construction;
  • development of safety level;
  • simplifying technical service and repairs
  • reducing operating costs.

JSC “LOCOMOTIVE BUILDER” is successful in performing overhaul and modernization of mainline and industrial electric locomotives of different modifications. Modernization of Locomotive Park is directed to development of technical characteristics and increase of reliability. We are offering corresponding programs of modernization for each type of our production. Main criteria when selecting program for each certain customer is economic efficiency and optimal cost of work. Our programs of modernization correspond to Customer’s requests and are completely competitive. Upgraded electric locomotives are distinguished with high reliability. In addition, volumes of technical service are significantly reduced.

At present, the plant is carrying out a massive modernization and technical re-equipment project of the production. Projects for the galvanic and hardware workshops reconstruction have been performed, is accredited the center of performing certifying tests of electric machinery and devices. On the plant is systematically implemented the introduction of new technologies and is being performed update of equipment park.

The policy of the enterprise in the scope of quality development is an important function of the plant management. Is being performed control of all the production stages of electric locomotives and their supporting accessories. Due to the efficient functioning of the quality management system, which is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 requirements, systematic improvement of production activities is carried out. At the plant, a multi-stage quality control system for the products was introduced.

Electric locomotives, produced by JSC “LOCOMOTIVE BUILDER” are successfully exploited of Railroads of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine.


84, D. Guramishvili Ave., Tbilisi, Georgia, 0141
Tel./Fax: (+995 32) 265 31 15, (+995 32) 265 33 77

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