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Июнь 18, 2018


Titans of the agrarian market meet at GRAIN UKRAINE-2018

The 3rd International Conference GRAIN UKRAINE will be held on 7–8 September in Odessa. The organizer of the event is «TIS», the group of terminals, and the co-organizer is IdeasFirst Company.


GRAIN UKRAINE is an international industry platform for the largest representatives of the agrarian market, leaders of Ukrainian agro-food companies, commercial and investment banks, as well as technological trendsetters in the agrarian industry. The latest trends of the agrarian market, as well as the development of sustainable business models and introduction of technological agrarian innovations are discussed here. Only here, at Grain Ukraine conference, you can see the presentations from world top-speakers, communicate with them and get a lot of networking with 400+ participants.

The program of GRAIN UKRAINE 2018 is very intense and it covers the most relevant issues of the agrarian market. The main topic of the conference is “At the Crest of the Wave: Challenges and Risks of the Agrarian Season 2018/2019”.


At Grain Ukraine conference we’ll talk on whether the hopes of Ukrainian farmers will come true during the new season of 2018/2019 and how to operate during this season in the best way. At the 3rd International Conference the participants will get to know how key players improve their performance by working with main risks and challenges of the market.

Andrey Stavnitser

As the founder of the conference, CEO of TIS Group of Companies, Andrey Stavnitser says: “Ukraine has a huge export potential, which has to be fully utilized. I hope our platform will cope with it”.

The experts and speakers of Grain Ukraine-2018 will speak on the following topics:

  • Ukraine in the world and in the region: what is going on in the key sales markets?
  • Grain trade: how to make the most of the season 2018/2019?
  • Infrastructural challenges: the rescue of a drowning man is the drowning man’s own job.
  • Present and future of futures for wheat and corn of the Black Sea region.
  • Agrarian business of Ukraine is in search of operational efficiency.
  • Practical aspects of working with contracts 2018/2019.
  • Innovation agenda – the results of the analysis of key projects in 2018 and startup pitches for traders and logistics companies (supported by AgroHub).
  • Round table “Investments and financing programs in the agrarian sphere”.


Some of the conference speakers of this year are the following:

• Miriam Morath, Senior Economic Analyst, International Grains Council (Great Britain).
• Jeffrey Kuijpers, Executive Director of CME Group (Great Britain).
• Jesus Maria Silveira, sub-secretary for agricultural markets, Ministry of Agro-Industry of Argentina (Argentina).
• Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on European Integration.
• Nikolay Gorbachev, President of the Ukrainian Grain Association.
• Ivanna Dorichenko, Managing Director of TRADAIDE (Great Britain).
• Sergee Bulavin, Vice President of AgroGeneration.
• Anton Yakovenko, CEO of Agroscope International Company.
• Yulia Poroshenko, co-founder of ‘Radar Tech’ technological cluster and the founder and project manager of AgroHub project.
• Kirill Krivolap, associate partner of Civitta in Ukraine, partner of AgroHub.
• Andrey Dligach, President of Advanter Group of companies.


The program is updated daily with interesting announcements and invited speakers, follow our news on the site:

Thanks to the informal and light atmosphere of the conference, the participants will be able not only to get brand new ideas from their colleagues from different countries, but also to develop closer contacts with them, agree to cooperate, and have a great time together. On the second day the participants will have the legendary beach retreat with various activities and music. Only at GRAIN UKRAINE you can have a rest and get the latest information at the same time. Speaking of GRAIN UKRAINE 2018, we can openly say – TITANS OF THE AGRICULTURAL MARKET MEET HERE!

Registration for the event:

7–8 September
Odessa, ‘Sady Pobedy’ Conference Hall

Phone: +38 044 362 59 14