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Февраль 28, 2017

Modern electrical equipment for the traction power supply facilities of railways, underground railway systems and urban electric transport

electrical equipment

Modern electrical equipment for the traction power supply facilities of railways, underground railway
systems and urban electric transport

«DAK-Energetika» Limited Liability Company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of medium and low voltage electrical equipment for the traction power supply networks. The principal directions of the Company’s activity include designing, equipment manufacturing, building and reconstruction of the traction substations and traction power supply systems for the needs of railways, underground railway systems and urban electric transport. Electrical equipment

electrical equipment

Over a period of 15 years, the Company successfully cooperates with the railways and metro operators in Ukraine in the field of development and production of the traction power supply equipment. The technical specification and design documentation developed by the Company are subject to regular coordination with the relevant Central Administrations of the Ukrainian Railways and support units of metro operators. 

Certification of the products developed and manufactured by the Company is carried out within the UkrSEPRO system. The Quality System of the enterprise is certified against the requirements of ISO quality management system.

Within 15 years of the enterprise operation, a wide range of products for traction power supply for the needs of railways and underground railway systems has been developed and manufactured. The production is based on the principle of process flexibility, possibility of a rapid transition from one product to another, minimal influence of the human factor. Use of modern computer-aided design systems in the course of production can significantly reduce the time from the start of product development to the full-scale production.

electrical and electronic equipment for railway

The accumulated experience and production capabilities of the enterprise enable to carry out turn-key projects from the development of a working project, production of necessary equipment (including non-standard equipment), erection supervision work and commissioning operations to training of the operating personnel of the Customer. An important advantage lies in the fact that the Company produces the entire range of electrical equipment necessary for the furnishing of the traction substation, which eliminates the problem of «linkage» of the equipment directly at the facility.

The main types of equipment produced by our Company are as follows:

600V, 825V, 3300V direct-current substation integration modules for railways, underground railway systems and urban electric transport

27,5 kV alternating-current substation integration modules for alternating-current traction substations of the railways

0.4-6 (10) kV distribution substations for the power supply of signalling, centralization and blocking systems and for
own needs of traction power supply networks

Systems for computer-assisted management and dispatching control of the traction power supply networks

Nowadays, «DAK-Energetika» LLC is the only manufacturer of the direct-current circuit-breakers in Ukraine. The high-speed circuit-breakers are meant for voltage 0.6 – 4 kV and for nominal current up to 6300 A. The technical performance of these circuit-breakers is highly competitive with the foreign analogues, and they surpass the functionality of the foreign analogues in the high-induction networks.

switchgears withdrawable solution

The engineering solutions incorporated in the design of these circuit-breakers ensure their proper operation with a minimum maintenance, which significantly reduces the «owning cost» of this equipment for operating organizations.

The mobile integral unit traction substations for AC and DC are one of the products developed against order of the Electrification and Power Supply Department and manufactured for the railways of Ukraine. Substations of this type are designed to provide the power supply to the contact system of the electrified railway lines during temporary replacement of existing stationary transformer substations for the period of reconstruction, overhaul repairs or construction.

The main requirements for the equipment of such substations include low maintenance and maximum degree of automation, because the operation of equipment is carried out with minimal participation of the maintenance personnel.

The widespread use of module technology in the production of equipment for stationary traction substations eliminated a large amount of construction work, resulting in a significant reduction in construction expenses and reduction in time required for the construction of a unittype traction substation 110 / 27.5 / 10 up to 4–6 months. 

Together with the specialists of the Ukrainian railways and metro operators, the specialists of our Company have developed and implemented the programs for modernization of the traction power supply facilities, both for DC and AC substations.

voltage switchgears 6(10), 20 and 35 kV

These programs include the replacement of key elements of the equipment providing the necessary degree of operational reliability of the traction power supply system, as well as the implementation of modern automation and dispatching systems of different levels at the facility.

Within these programs, our Company carries out the replacement of existing high-speed circuit-breakers VAB-28, VAB-43 (for DC substations) with modern high-speed circuit-breakers VAB-206, as well as installation of digital systems of feeder protection and automation developed by our Company.

The main criterion in the course of development of modernization programs is the observance of the optimum price/quality ratio. It provides an opportunity to offer a program for updating the capital equipment that is not comparable in cost to the new construction activity.

«DAK-Energetika» LLC offers modern, high-performance solutions that are most adapted to the requirements of the customer. The products of our Company are widely used at the traction power supply facilities of railways and underground railway systems in Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.

Electrotechnical company LLC «DAK-Energetika»

Pereverzyev Kostyantyn
The Head of Kiev rep. office
Head office
Ukraine, 01042, Kiev, str. Paul ІІ,
4/6.korp.V, office 717
Tel./fax: +38 (044) 500-78-17
Мob.: +38 (095) 230-46-12

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