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Февраль 28, 2017

The electric bus is an innovative product


The electric bus is an innovative product

The electric bus is an innovative product with all the advantages of a trolleybus and a bus.


Vitovt Max Electro Е433

OJSC Holding Management Company «Belkommunmash» is one of the leading CIS enterprises in the field of electric transport with more than 40 years history of successful work on repair and production of trolleybuses and trams. The highly qualified staff of the enterprise continuously monitors the trends in the development of the machine-building industry and works daily on the result to meet the growing demands of both passengers and operating organizations.

The world community has begun to pay more attention to the care of the environment, in recent years. In particular, many governments have been thinking about the gradual abandonment of diesel and gasoline passenger transport, which causes irreparable damage of the atmosphere and affects adversely people’s health, especially in large dynamically developing cities. An alternative to this
transport for citizens is electric transport, so interest in «Belkommunmash» production is actively growing.

electric bus

The newest development of OJSC «Holding Management Company «Belkommunmash» is electric bus model «Vitovt Max Electro» E433. Ukrainian enterprise CE «Odesgorelektrotrans» had already shown interest to this machine.
«The electric bus is an innovative product with all the advantages of a trolleybus and a bus, while excluding their disadvantages,» says Oleg Bytsko, one of its creators, director of the «Belkommunmash» Research and Production Center».

«Belkommunmash» chose the fast charging system based on the supercapacitor for the electric bus. To charge from 30% to 100%, the electric buses «Vitovt» need only 6-7 minutes! This short time fits into the driver’s break between trips, which allows the bus to run both shifts, the whole working day and doesn’t require a long night charge. By the way, the system of supercapacitors can be used at
ambient temperatures from -40°C to +40°C, without losing its capacity in extremely cold weather conditions.

The enterprise has already implemented the project of electric buses launching in Minsk. It should be noticed that the Belarusian capital is the first city in the CIS, which launched fully electric bus route. Since May 2017, 20 electric buses «Vitovt Max Electro» E433 have been running routes in Minsk.

In terms of comfort, the electric bus is not worse, but even better than bus and trolleybus. One of the main advantages: this type of vehicle works almost silently, it’s indispensable for the big cities, because the noise level there is very high. The World Health Organization more than thirty years ago proved that noise significantly affects people’s health: they become more prone to stress and insomnia, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases.

Also, the electric bus produced by «Belkommunmash» is equipped with a system of the floor level lowering from the entrance side («kneeling»). Another very nice characteristic of the Belarusian electric bus is the instalation of sockets and USB-connectors, so passengers will be able to charge their mobile gadgets during the trip — for modern citizens it is necessary, because in our time it is important
to always stay online.

The range of transport produced by the enterprise is wide. The most popular and beloved model operated by the transport organizations is the 321 trolleybus. This model has been produced since 2001, it is a single-section maneuverable vehicle. Trolleybus model 321 passenger capacity is up to 101 passengers, it has 26 seats, as well as one space for a wheelchair. There is low floor level along the entire length of the cabin in the trolleybus. this model is equipped with a ramp, which facilitates access
to the vehicle of passengers with limited mobility or with baby carriages, which reduces the time of boarding at stopping points.

A Trolleybus model 321

Apart from other advantages, trolleybus model 321 produced by «Belkommunmash» is a safe vehicle: thanks to the unique body structure with the placement of power equipment on the roof in hermetic compartments, operation of the trolleybus under all weather conditions is guaranteed to be safe. To improve maneuverability, this trolleybus model can be equipped with an autonomous
system based on a diesel generator set intended for powering the trolleybus electrical equipment while it is moving without a contact electric network.

Transport of this model has been carrying out passenger transportation in Belarusian cities for many years, for example in Minsk, the most popular trolleybus model is 321, there are more than 400 of them. However, not only Belarusian companies like such trolleybuses. In 2016 OJSC «Belcommunmash Holding Management Company» returned to the Ukrainian market with the 321 trolleybus, but with the restyled cabin. Now «Belkommunmash» vehicles are running through the streets of such cities as Sumy, Kramatorsk and Dnepr. In August 2017, was signed a contract for the delivery of 47 trolleybuses of this model for the needs of the city of Odessa.

However, the line of vehicles produced by the Belarusian company is expanding, because in a modern
fast-growing, dynamic city, the transportation must be mobile. Therefore, the constructor department of «Belkommunmash» developed the 32100D, the modification of the classic 321 trolleybus with an increased autonomous motion of 15 kilometers, which can travel either using or not using current collectors. This feature makes it possible to connect new areas of the city, where there is no contact
network, with the oldest ones, without harming their ecology. The 32100D accumulates electricity during the movement under the contact network, and then it can put down current collectors and to run autonomously, depending on the battery power. The enterprise has already produced and sold 32 units of this model, which are running now in the CIS countries.

In addition to trolleybuses and electric buses, the company produces tramways. Since 2011, the articulated three-section tram model 843 is operating in Kiev. The competitions for the renovation of tramway parks on the basis of new bodies installed on the overhauled carriages would be hold in several cities of Ukraine and OJSC «Holding Management Company «Belkommunmash» plans to
participate in them. «Belkommunmash» will continue cooperation with Ukrainian consumers. The enterprise established JV«BKM-Ukraine» in Lutsk for trolleybuses joint assembly. Also the creation of a joint venture for tramways assembly in Odessa is being worked out.

220070, The Republic of Belarus
Minsk, ul. Perehodnaya, 64B-2
tel.: +375 17 346 80 03
fax: +375 17 210 50 55

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